Official Opposition Realigns Caucus to Address Climate Commitments

Charlottetown, PE – PEI has an opportunity to be a leader in the new green economy in North America. It will require bold vision and a willingness to do the work needed to transition to a green economy. In response to this, the Official Opposition is realigning strengths within its caucus.

“We must begin the hard and exciting work needed to meet targets set in the Climate Leadership Act,” said Honourable Peter Bevan-Baker, Leader of the Official Opposition. “We must dedicate expertise and resources to provide the bold leadership required as we transition PEI to a prosperous and sustainable economy. With this goal in mind, our caucus is drawing upon its internal strengths to help shape policy for the most responsible path forward.”

This realignment will see economic growth critic responsibilities shared between Lynne Lund, Critic for Environment, Water and Climate Change, and Hannah Bell, Critic for Social Development and Housing. Ole Hammarlund will apply his expertise in architectural design to produce a special report on net zero standards for new construction and existing infrastructure.

Lynne Lund’s experience and expertise in the area of climate change and transitioning communities will help shape caucus research and policy for transition to the new green economy. Her work will hold government accountable to ensure it develops responsible, sustainable policy for a new way of doing business in light of climate reality.

Hannah Bell will draw on her many years of experience in traditional business to leverage economic growth opportunities arising during the transition from a traditional economy to a stable, sustainable, and thriving green economy for the Island. Her work will inform research and policy on how to help existing businesses realign to make the best use of the exciting opportunities that will present themselves.

Ole Hammarlund will apply his knowledge and experience to research and develop policy on net zero standards. He will do deep-dives into this area and provide policy proposals for caucus to consider. This is an addition to Mr. Hammarlund’s existing responsibilities in tourism and culture.

“I want to thank Lynne, Hannah, and Ole for their commitment to provide the leadership we need to address our climate goals,” said Bevan-Baker. “Their passion and strengths will be crucial to our work as the Official Opposition to not only hold government to account for its work, but to also improve and put forward strong policy. Their collective work will benefit all Islanders and our economy during this time of transition.”