District 16 By-election Nominations and Volunteers - Green Party of PEI

With District 16 MLA Heath MacDonald having vacated his seat in order to run in the federal election, a by-election is expected in that district imminently. The Green Party of Prince Edward Island is looking forward to contesting this by-election with a candidate whom the voters of District 16 can trust to represent them and make positive change in the Legislature together with our existing Official Opposition Caucus of 8 MLAs.

See the map of the District 16 (Cornwall-Meadowbank) electoral boundaries here.

Nomination contestants to date

So far, one nomination contestant has been Green-lit by Provincial Council to seek the nomination in District 16, Todd MacLean. Learn more about Todd MacLean here.

Nominate yourself or someone else

September 23rd update:

Provincial Council has passed a motion today to set some important nomination deadlines for District 16:

  • The deadline for additional expressions of interest in the nomination is tomorrow, Friday September 24th at 6:30pm. This is the formal close of nominations. Someone may signal their intent to apply by clicking here. After completing this form, one is provided links to complete a nomination application package.
  • The deadline for someone who has completed the above form on time to then submit their completed nomination application is Saturday, September 25th at 6:30pm.
    A province-wide nomination vote will be scheduled once it is known whether there will be additional applications to process.


For confidential advice on seeking the nomination, please also feel free to write to our Candide Search Committee at [email protected] 

Here are the steps in the nomination process:

  1. Nominate yourself and complete an application package. 
  2. Our Nomination Screening Committee will review your application and speak to your references. 
  3. Once the review is complete, a report is sent to Provincial Council, which then makes the final decision about the suitability of applicants to seek a Green Party nomination based on the results of the review. Provincial Council notifies applicants of the decision, and there is an opportunity to appeal that decision if you feel that due process was not applied in the decision concerning your application.
  4. A nomination vote is called. Green Party of PEI members province-wide will be eligible to participate in this ranked ballot vote. Regardless of whether the nomination is contested, members will have the option to vote "No candidate".

Join the campaign team!

We need to assemble a fantastic D16 campaign team quickly so that we can hit the ground running when the by-election is called. If you would like to be on that team, please sign up here.