District 12 Electoral District Association

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District 12 MLA: Karla Bernard

Karla Bernard is the Opposition critic for Education and Lifelong Learning and Status of Women. She also sits on two committees: Education and Economic Growth, and Public Accounts.

About District 12 – Charlottetown-Victoria Park

District 12 Charlottettown-Victoria Park includes all of downtown Charlottetown, and is bordered by the waterfront, Brighton Road/Euston Street, University Avenue, Allen Street, Mount Edward Road, Belmont Street, Second Street, and Hawthorne Ave. See the detailed map of the district on Elections PEI's website.

In the April 2019 Provincial General Election, 4,236 people registered to vote in our district; voter turnout was 74%, with 3,141 ballots cast in total.

Green Party candidate Karla Bernard earned the vote from 1,272 constituents, or 40.5% of the total ballots cast.

Green Party Membership in District 12

As of June 2020, there were 69 Green Party of Prince Edward Island members living in District 12 (51 members in good standing; 18 members whose memberships have expired in the last year). If you're not a member, and would like to become one, you can join online right now.

The Electoral District Association

District 12 has an Electoral District Association (EDA), which is part of the Green Party structure that carries out grassroots engagements with the community, during an election period helps prepare and carry out the district candidate's election campaign. The EDA is overseen by a Coordinating Team, the members of which were elected by District 12 members at our Annual Meeting in June 2020; currently this team consists of:

The EDA's next Annual General Meeting will be held in the spring of 2021.

If you are a member of the Green Party of PEI and live in District 12, you are a member of the D12 EDA! We'd love to hear from and involve you in what happens here.


You can contact the Coordinating Team members at [email protected].