Shadow Cabinet

Leader Peter Bevan-Baker announced the first two members of his Shadow Cabinet at the Green Party of PEI General Meeting on November 26, 2016, along with plans to name a complete set of Shadow Cabinet critics in 2017.

Shadow Cabinet critics are people who are knowledgeable and passionate about the policy areas assigned to them, and which correspond to current government ministerial portfolios. They are responsible for formulating and articulating the Green Party's vision in each of these policy areas.  

Sally Bernard - Critic for Agriculture and Fisheries


Sally Bernard grew up on a mixed family farm in New Brunswick before going on to study Plant Science at the Nova Scotia Agricultural College. She now owns and operates Barnyard Organics Ltd., an grain and chicken operation that emphasizes soil health as the foundation for healthy agriculture, along with her husband Mark. An active member of her community with a deep appreciation for the role that all farmers play in their communities, Bernard has served as President of the Atlantic Canadian Organic Regional Network and as a member of the Organic Value Chain Roundtable. She is a frequent presenter at agricultural workshops and conferences, and writes for a variety of regional publications.

Lynne Lund - Critic for Economic Development and Tourism


Lynne Lund comes from a family of entrepreneurs and small business owners from the Summerside area going back generations. Lund picked up the entrepreneurial torch when, as a new mother, she and her husband identified the need for a cloth diaper service and started one themselves, which they operated for 5 years until 2015. Lund sees tremendous economic potential for Prince Edward Island in emerging sectors such as renewable energy and localized food systems, and plays an active role in their promotion through her participation in the Solar Island Community Economic Development Business and groups including the Kensington North Watershed Group and the Environmental Health Co-op. Lund has played a key role in the development of the Green Party’s economic development vision and policies.

Dr Susan Hartley - Critic for Health and Wellness


Dr. Susan Hartley has a lifetime of experience as a Clinical Psychologist in both the private and public sectors, serving in community mental health centres, outpatient and inpatient departments of hospital facilities, and in her private office. Dr. Hartley is a registered Psychologist in PEI, a member of the Psychologists Association of PEI (PAPEI), and the 2015 recipient of PAPEI’s Humanitarian Award.  She is a Fellow of the Association of Psychologists of Nova Scotia (APNS) and a past-president of that organization.  While on the Executive of APNS, she also sat as a Director on the Canadian Register for Health Services Providers in Psychology (CRHSPP) and the Council of Provincial Associations in Psychology (CPAP).

Dr. Hartley co-founded Collaborative Practice PEI, a multi-disciplinary team of professionals who offer a client-driven alternative to court and litigation for Island families in the process of separation and divorce, and is trained in Interest Based Negotiation.  

Dr. Hartley has a profound interest in Social Justice and Equality and is a vocal advocate for the acceptance of the rights of others, especially as it relates to vulnerable populations in our community, and globally.  She is a Peace Scholar, a consultant in Peacebuilding and Conflict Transformation, and a Director with the NGO Canadian Women for Women in Afghanistan.


Steve Howard - Critic for Energy, Transportation and Infrastructure

Steve Howard.jpg

Steve Howard is the founder and current president of Renewable Lifestyles Ltd., the leader in renewable energy installs in Atlantic Canada. He is also the founder and developer of Solar Island Electric Inc. a community driven investment business that has made PEI a leader in community owned solar electric installs in the Maritimes, as well as founding member and current President of the Summerside Makerspace - a non-profit organization that encourages community based innovation and learning.

Steve studied Computer Engineering and Information Systems Technology at Holland College. He has been the sole voice of distributed renewables for the last decade. Steve is interested in creating a resilient Island owned grid that facilitates the transition to a 100% renewable energy future.

Karla Bernard - Critic for Education


Karla was born and raised in Sherbrooke. She graduated from Holland College with a Certificate in Business Administration in 1997 then from U.P.E.I. with her Bachelor of Education degree in 2005 (focus on Indigenous Studies, French and history). Karla now resides in Charlottetown with her partner Ryan and 2 young children. She has been an educator with the Public Schools Branch for the last 12 years. She has had ongoing involvement on various school and community committees promoting healthy, safe spaces and advocating for services. In her teaching she is passionate about helping create happy, productive, critical thinking citizens. Throughout her work, she has consistently played a role in the arts and theater taking advantage of these opportunities whenever possible. In May 2015, Karla graduated with her Masters in Education in Counselling. She is a Canadian Certified Counsellor and a member of the PEICA (PEI Counselling Association). Also in the process of starting her own practice, Sessions, she works with youth supporting them with time management, stress and anxiety coping skills. Karla is a motivated, professional, lifelong learner.