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    Recurring monthly donations to the Green Party of PEI are immensely helpful to us as we build and plan for success in the next election. It's also easy for you, the giver, with small automatic donations adding up to delightful tax rebates each year (see the table below for examples). That's why we are offering free tickets to An Evening with Elizabeth May to all new and existing monthly donors.

    By starting a monthly donation of any amount on this page, we will automatically put you down on our guest list!



  • Donate to the Green Party of Prince Edward Island

    Thank you for supporting our vision for a kinder, cleaner and more prosperous PEI.  

    We are the only political party on PEI that does not accept money from corporations or unions — we rely entirely on donations from people like you.

    You can make a financial contribution right now using a credit card on this page, or you can also donate by the other methods described below. All information submitted via our website is transmitted securely using state of the industry encryption technology. For more information about how we safeguard the privacy and security of your personal information, please read our Privacy & Security Policy. You may also write to us at, or call 902-658-2041.

    Other payment methods:

    If you'd prefer to donate by cheque (we love cheques, there are no processing fees!) you can send it to: Green Party of PEI, 81 Prince Street, Charlottetown PE, C1A 4R3. Please be sure to include your mailing address if it is not printed on the cheque.

    Email transfers are another easy (and fee-free!) way to donate. Just send your email transfer to For your security question, please use "What are your favourite colours?" and the answer "Greens". Please follow up with an email to to let us know your current mailing address, so that we can send you your tax receipt.

    Thanks so much for your contribution to a greener tomorrow for PEI!

    If you pay income tax you can receive a generous provincial tax rebate for your political party donation
    • Annual donations between $25 and $100 receive a 75% refund.
    • Annual donations between $100 and $550 get a 75% refund on the first $100 and a 50% refund on the balance.
    • Annual donations greater than $550 receive the lesser of
    (i) $300 plus 33 1/3 % of the amount by which the aggregate amount contributed exceeds $550, and
    (ii) $500, or the amount of the tax payable.

    See the table below for more examples of the tax credit you can receive for various levels of annual donation.



  • Become a Member, shape the Green Party's future!

    You can become a member of the Green Party of PEI for a minimum donation of $10.00/year.

    To renew an existing membership, please click here.

    Why join? 


    Many people think that joining a political party means the party 'owns' you. But in reality, it's the other way around: you become an owner of the party!

    As a member, you can vote to decide who Green-party candidates or the party's Provincial Executive will be, you can approve grassroots policies and participate in caucuses, and get involved in shaping the future of the party, and thus the political future of PEI! We can provide you with support to develop a local Green association within your community, and you can even throw your hat in the ring to become a Green candidate yourself. Party membership allows you to participate in another layer of PEI's democracy.

    Many people on PEI are afraid of what effect joining a political party may have on their employment prospects, but this old style of 'patronage politics' is a game that the Green party just doesn't play. Being a member is a totally private decision - the names of party members are never shared publicly - your employers, friends and family will only know if you decide to tell them, or if you take on a public role as a Green!

    Who can join?


    Any citizen or permanent resident of Prince Edward Island, who is at least fourteen years old or older, is eligible for membership in the Party, with full voting rights, provided the person is not a member of any other provincial political party. By becoming a member, you are also agreeing to uphold the Constitution & Bylaws of the Green Party of Prince Edward Island.

    Persons who are at least 12 but less than 14 years old may be designated a Youth Member, without full voting rights.

    You can join using a credit card on this page by filling out the form to the left, or download and fill out this form, then mail it in to us along with a cheque or money order for $10 or more.

    Want to make an even bigger impact? 


    Please consider becoming a monthly donor to the Green Party of PEI. Monthly donations give us the financial stability we need for long term planning and investments, and after tax credits can cost as little as $2.92/month for a $10 monthly donation. To become a monthly contributor, click here. 

    Monthly contributions make you eligible for a self-renewing membership that you don't need to worry about renewing for as long as your monthly giving continues!


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