Deputy Leader Lynne Lund

Lynne_picnic_table_portrait.jpgEntrepreneur, mother, and forward-looking Islander, Lynne Lund is the Deputy Leader of the Green Party of Prince Edward Island, working closely with Leader and MLA Peter Bevan-Baker. Lynne is passionate about shaping a bright future for PEI through politics that is honest, collaborative, takes the long view and gets to the roots of the challenges we face together. She was instrumental in developing the Green Party of PEI’s 2015 platform focussed on good governance, education, economic renewal, and social and environmental responsibility. Lynne currently serves as the Party's Critic for Economic Development and Tourism.

In October 2016, Lynne Lund ran in a provincial by-election in the riding of Summerside-Wilmot, where her message of "Politics done differently" found resonance with voters. Following a campaign characterized by extensive door-knocking, Lynne's campaign grew the Green vote by nearly 80% over 2015 results, and finished with 22% of the final vote - including 27% of all votes cast on election day. This is the second-best electoral result for the Green Party of PEI after leader Peter Bevan-Baker's 2015 landslide victory.

Born and raised in Summerside where she has lived almost her entire life, Lynne Lund currently lives with her husband and two boys on a small homestead near Clinton. She continues to participate in the community and commercial life of Summerside, where most of her family resides.

Lynne devotes much of her time to organizations working for the positive change she wants to see in the world, as a shareholder and board member of the Solar Island Community Economic Development Business, and by serving on the boards of a number of local conservation organizations including the Kensington North Watershed Group and the Environmental Health Co-op. Combining her business acumen with her commitment to environmental sustainability, Lynne Lund previously ran a successful cloth diapering business. She also produces children’s toys made of all-natural materials.