About us

The Green Party of Prince Edward Island was founded in 2005 to bring our core values of Ecology, Local Self-Reliance, Participatory Democracy, Social Justice & Equality, and Non-violence into Island politics.

In the 2015 general election, the Green Party ran on a platform of "Real Change" in PEI, presenting a vision for repairing a broken political system, strengthening local economies, embracing fiscal and ecological sustainability, a more holistic approach to challenges in health care and education, and eliminating poverty. An unprecedented 11% of Island voters entrusted the Green Party with their votes, and leader Peter Bevan-Baker was elected by a landslide in District 17 - the first Green MLA in Prince Edward Island's history.

Today, the Green Party of PEI is the fastest-growing political movement on the Island, thanks to the stellar performance of Peter Bevan-Baker in the Legislature and the talented, growing team of volunteers, campaigners and Shadow Cabinet critics working together to make the Green Party the political alternative to the broken status quo that voters can count on to deliver real change.

Are you passionate about the future of Prince Edward Island, and excited about the role our little island can play as a social, economic and ecological model for the world? Then we hope that you, too, will get involved by becoming a member, making a donation or volunteering. At the very least, we hope you'll allow us to stay in touch by joining our mailing list so that we can send you periodic newsletters about things we're working on and upcoming events in your community.