Media Release

Peter Bevan-Baker offers for Green Party leadership

Peter Bevan-Baker today announced his intention to seek the leadership of the Green Party of Prince Edward Island. A dentist by profession, Bevan-Baker is a well-known musician, environmentalist and powerful advocate for his community, province and country. He has been associated with the Green Party for over twenty years, running as a candidate both federally and provincially. His first election in 1993 resulted in him receiving one of the highest vote counts of any Green Party candidate in Canada, and he has maintained a high profile in Green politics ever since.


“After several weeks of discussions with family, friends and supporters from across the province, I have decided that the time is right,” says Bevan-Baker. “I want to challenge Islanders to reassess their voting behaviour. For too long the Liberals and Conservatives have dominated the political scene in Prince Edward Island, with a spectacular record of failure on economic, social, environmental and fiscal issues. The need for fundamental change has never been clearer. I believe the Green Party offers a modern vision and practical approach to governance and economic development that can place Prince Edward Island at the forefront of the profound economic and social changes sweeping the globe. I especially want to see the farming community on PEI prosper while also protecting our environment. We can do it together.”


“The problems I saw developing two decades ago have now matured. I’m not a politician who sugar-coats things and I think the public is acutely aware that something is not quite right on Prince Edward Island. Our province needs leadership that is principled and visionary. I am dismayed by the Ghiz government as they appear to lurch from one crisis to the next, wilfully ignoring the needs and preferences of Islanders. There appears to be no end to their arrogance and no beginning to their vision.”


“My commitment to Green Party principles has not wavered. I have a vision for Prince Edward Island where our young people will want to stay and be able to do so, where our seniors are supported and honoured for their many contributions, where we have an innovative health care system that meets the needs of Islanders, where a healthy environment is seen as a cornerstone of an innovative and sustainable economic model, where our infrastructure development meets the needs of our economy and our citizens, where government spending is controlled, focused and reflects the priorities of its citizens, where government respects the views and opinions of its citizens, and where government is once again respected for doing things right.”


Residents of Hampton, Bevan-Baker and his wife Ann have four children, and recently celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary. “Part of my decision to run for the leadership now is that my job as a Dad is largely done – our kids have all left home and are leading independent lives. Ann and I have taken our role as parents very seriously, and our children have been the centre of our lives for a long time. As they move on to fulfil their own ambitions, I am now ready to offer the members of the Green Party and the people of Prince Edward Island my full commitment to the pursuit of our shared goals and vision.”


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