Green Policy
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Peter Bevan-Baker

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The Green Party of PEI is guided by these six principals:

Living Within Our Ecological and Financial Means
Local Self-Reliance
Grassroots Democracy
A Just Society
Active Citizenship and Self-Determination
A Culture of Peace

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Redshores and windmills
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Three Pronged Approach

"All Islanders are asking for is a few good people of intelligence, integrity and vigour to offer themselves as a new, untainted alternative, but Islanders must also be ready to step up and take responsibility for the government they elect. We stand at a pivotal moment in Island history. Our competence to govern is in question and the reputation of 164 years of responsible government is in jeopardy. It is time to re-establish integrity in government on Prince Edward Island and to once more govern ourselves with pride and care."

Peter Bevan-Baker

Peter Bevan-Baker in District 17

"I see a place with a flourishing, sustainable economy; where agriculture thrives and value-added products bear the label 'Made in PEI' as a badge not only of honour but of exceptional quality and purity. I see revitalized rural communities, self-sufficient in many areas and magnets for people from all over the world. I see a transparent, capable government that is accountable to the people, and which balances fiscal prudence with ecological wisdom and social progressiveness. I see clean air, water and soil. I see a province that governs itself with care and pride.

Liberals have lost their way

Governing is complicated and involves difficult decisions every day on such things as spending priorities. Meeting unlimited needs with limited resources requires that hard choices be made, but the recent revelations regarding $5 million left unspent by the department of community services and seniors at a time when one in five Island children is food insecure, is inexplicably shameful.

Deficit numbers misleading says Green Party

Wes Sheridan is once more claiming to be steering our province’s finances to a safe and secure place. He cites the recent audited financial statements, where the annual deficit is estimated to be $45.8 million as good news for PEI. This is apparently $13 million less than he had anticipated, and therefore, we should all be celebrating the province’s “march” (more like a stumble or lurch) towards fiscal balance.

New approach to Health and Wellness required, says Green Party

The Green Party of Prince Edward Island wonders why it has taken over seven years for Doug Currie and the department of Health and Wellness to come up with their three year wellness strategy.

With disease, you have acute and chronic problems; an acute problem like a heart attack requires immediate attention, a chronic illness needs a different approach.