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Wed, Sep 24th 2014

Green Party of PEI inspired by New Brunswick success.

Following New Brunswick Green Party leader David Coon’s victory last night, the Island Green Party is hoping to take a page out of their neighbour’s book and elect their first MLAs in the next PEI provincial election.

Media Releases

24 Sep 2014

Island Greens participate in successful national convention.

Several Island Green Party delegates celebrated a productive weekend of rebuilding Canadian democracy at the Party’s national convention in...

24 Sep 2014

Green Party calls for less blaming and more smart policies.

The Green Party shares Islander’s shame and anger at the latest massive fish kill, and sees the immediate need for a new vision for agriculture on...

24 Sep 2014

Green Party saddened but not surprised by McCain closure.

The Green Party of PEI is deeply saddened for the workers, families and communities which will be adversely affected by the closure of the McCain...

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