Green Policy
A New Approach

Meet Our Leader
Peter Bevan-Baker

The Green Party of PEI is guided by these six principles:

Living Within Our Ecological and Financial Means
Local Self-Reliance
Grassroots Democracy
A Just Society
Active Citizenship and Self-Determination
A Culture of Peace

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Redshores and windmills
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Wind Power Generated 140% of Denmark's Electricity Demand On Thursday!!!
Going 100% renewable is not some wacky pipe dream. We have the technology and it is affordable (actually how can we afford NOT to do it?). Come on PEI, let's get on with it.

Vote for future makes history on P.E.I.

The last few months, and more specifically the last few weeks, have been some of the most exhausting – and most exhilarating - days of my life. Trying to get elected when running for a third party on Prince Edward Island is no small undertaking, but the truth is, elections are not won by individuals. They are won by dedicated teams of selfless people, and they are decided by brave and trusting voters.

Congratulations Peter Bevan-Baker and the Green Party of Prince Edward Island!

Green Party Leader Peter Bevan-Baker will be the province's first Green MLA.

Green Party makes history in P.E.I. election

HAMPTON — The lean, green fighting machine has broken through.

For the first time, a Green Party candidate has been elected to the P.E.I. legislature.

And Peter Bevan-Baker, the leader of the Green Party of P.E.I., did so in decisive fashion.

Peter Bevan-Baker To Foster Sustainable, Profitable Agriculture

The Green Party of PEI is proposing innovative agriculture policies that will market a distinct ‘Island Made’ brand, diversify the range of Island crops, and invest in new farmers.

“Prince Edward Island’s rich agricultural heritage is one of its defining features, but the status quo is failing Island farmers,” says Green Party of PEI Leader Peter Bevan-Baker. “Building on the Island’s unique opportunities and strengths, the Green Party wants to foster agriculture in the province that is both sustainable and profitable.”

Elizabeth May, Leader of the Green Party of Canada will be arriving in Charlottetown at 8:45 am., Friday, May 1st

Ms. May will be greeted by supporters at the Airport and take brief questions from the press. Ms. May will proceed to downtown Charlottetown to give a talk at 9:30 a.m. on Real Change - at St. Paul's Church on Grafton St.

- limited seating -

She will then have a meeting with the PEI Green Party Council before departing for a previously booked speaking engagement later that evening.